Head Support for Travelers and Commuters


Head Support for Travelers and Commuters

Eliminate That Head Bob:

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SleepStik fully supports your head in a bubble of comfort,

so head bobbing will never be an issue for you again!

Say Goodbye to Your Stiff Neck:

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If your neck hurts after sleeping on a long flight, you will love how great you will feel with SleepStik!

Less Trouble Going to Sleep:

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If you struggle falling asleep while traveling, using SleepStik will give you the comfort and support you need to finally drift off.

Reduce the Effects of Jet Lag:

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SleepStik enables you get that much needed rest while strapped into that seat, which enables you to arrive feeling truly refreshed and ready for your big day!

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Beth N.  Retired Boeing Sales 

I wish this was around when I used to travel nonstop for work.  With the Sleepstik I can even sleep in an Economy middle seat!  No more sore neck, either.  It's surprisingly comfortable for such a minimal design.  This is a great gift for all of your traveling friends! 

Alex S.

I spend almost two hours on a commuter train every day. My wife bought me a SleepStik to help me relax on those trips. It’s amazing how well it works! It has made a huge difference in my daily routine, as I arrive at work with more energy, and return home without neck pain.  

Debbie V.  

My husband and I take frequent road trips to see our daughter who’s in college. We spend a great deal of time in the car. I love how SleepStik makes it possible for me to sleep without my head falling forward or rolling to the side. I won’t go on another trip without it!    

More info...

Award-Winning Designer...
Sleep Tight...

Sleep-Stik is the latest invention by 7-time international product design award-winner Rick Riday. Rick's innovative approach to this age-old travel issue has resulted in a brand-new (and much-needed) approach to head support. For more information, watch the video at the top of this page.

Sleep-Stik is an innovative new travel accessory which is designed to provide complete and continuous head support for travelers and commuters.  The unique properties of this simple product enable a new level in travel comfort by cradling your head in a precise, yet compliant way.

Rest Assured...

The cushy elastic head loop surrounds your head to keep it from falling forward or to either side. The loop also counteracts unwanted head motion caused by sharp turns and sudden stops when you're on the road. Your head will remain centered and balanced no matter how rough that road trip gets!

Serenity Now...

Sleep-Stik truly is the best sleep aid for those long road trips, and red eye flights. Achieving true serenity is no longer a pipe dream when you add this sleep aid to your travel list. Feel the miles melt away as you travel in a deep sleep.

No More Sore Neck...

Your sore neck will also be a thing of the past! Leave your travel pillow at home and arrive feeling pain-free with the unique comfort of Sleep-Stik.

Travel Bag Friendly...

Sleep-Stik’s sleek, tapered design makes it easy to slip into your fully stuffed carry-on bag. After your vacation is over, just throw the head loop in the washing machine so it’s ready to go for your next adventure.  


When seated in an upright position, your head will naturally pitch forward under the force of gravity in the same way that it would if you relaxed your neck muscles while standing. The head loop is designed to counterbalance the gravitational forces to keep your head from falling. Due to the perfectly placed attach point of the support structure, your head position will essentially remain in the same location as you transition from awake to asleep.  As you drift off…  your neck muscles will naturally relax in a nearly imperceptible way.

Sleep On It...

Use this device for head support for up to several hours. If discomfort occurs over time, try shifting your body position. Being similar to sleeping normally in bed, we advise you to change your body position on occasion while using this device to help maintain good blood flow and to minimize muscle cramps.

Dream Catcher...

Also, note that travelers using seats that enable a large amount of recline adjustment will find this device less useful, as the fully reclined seat back setting would pitch their head backwards instead of forwards, thus negating most of the need for additional head support. However, SleepStik would continue to provide side to side stability for such use cases.