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We spend a great deal of time in the car on road trips to see our daughter. I love how SleepStik makes it possible for me to sleep without my head falling forward or from side to side.  I won't go on another road trip without it.

-Suzanne R.

This thing works surprisingly well!  I was skeptical about the lack of padding, but it feels like it's not even there! I will never use my travel pillow again! 

-Paul B.


"OMG, I actually slept during my last flight!  I’ve never been able to get any sleep in those seats!  It's like a hug for your head!  It smooths out turbulence too.  Wow! 

-Kathy M.

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I fly a lot for work, sometimes the flights are early in the morning or in the middle of the night.  SleepStik is a lifesaver for me because I can now sleep comfortably on the plane.

-Will D.

I felt so sorry for the guy across the aisle struggling with his pillow.  Everyone who flies in coach needs a SleepStik.  So nice to not have a sore neck after my long flight! 

-Sarah T.

I spend almost 2 hours on the train commuting every day. My wife found this product for me online. It supports my head amazingly well! Now I can catch up on a little sleep before and after work. 

-James T.

I was admittedly skeptical about how well it would work… but WOW!! It really is comfortable! -easy to use too. I recommend it to anyone who travels.

-Gary H.