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The truth about sleeping in public

We get it. Sleeping is generally something we do the privacy of our own homes. The idea of falling asleep next to strangers in a confined space is something that most people are not excited about.  Yet there are times when it's best to put those feelings aside and give in to our heavy eyelids. In that respect, no head support product will ever seem sexy or exciting. Given this basic truth, we at SleepStik sincerely believe that our product will improve your travel experience. 

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Perfect head support

SleepStik’s soft elastic head band cradles your sleepy head in a bubble of comfort as it counteracts the outside forces of gravity, turbulence, and roadway disturbances. 

Improves your posture

There’s no longer a need to slump to the side with your pillow, or slouch down in your seat as you attempt to keep your head from falling. SleepStik enables vastly improved posture and allows you to stay centered in your seat as you doze off.

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Sleepstik works so well, that most new users doubt that it’s doing anything at all! -yet shouldn’t that be the goal for this type of product?

It's a big job!

Our heads weigh a lot!  (10-12 pounds on average). That’s the equivalent weight of a bowling ball!

Bowling Ball.jpg

Our neck muscles must wait to rest until we're reclined

Since early childhood, our neck muscles have been constantly balancing this huge weight while we're awake. They're used to only getting a break at night when we finally settle into bed.

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Gravity never sleeps

When traveling, we’re typically forced to sit upright for hours!  Invariably, our neck muscles stop doing their job when we doze off. This results in us either being jolted back to a half-awake state by a sudden head bob, or worse - slowly being stretched and contorted by gravity for hours. 

Streach and crumple image.jpg

More head tilt equals more work

The farther your head falls forward or to the side, the more of this weight becomes unbalanced; pulling on, and crumpling your neck in painful ways! 


To help visualize this effect, imagine a bowling ball placed at the high point of a rounded  tabletop. At the high point, nearly all of this 10-12 pound weight is supported by the tabletop. However, a small amount of force must also be applied to the sides in order to keep it from rolling off the table. 

Only a small force is needed if the ball stays at the high point.                                        (The key to SleepStik) 
Rounded table top 6 .jpg
   A large force is needed if the ball is far from the high point.
(Products that allow the head to tilt must apply greater forces.)
Rounded table top 6B.jpg

The farther the ball is from the high point, the more counterforce is needed to hold it there.

Leave it loose!

There’s truly no need to stretch SleepStik's elastic head strap down tight. Given that your head remains centered and balanced, the forces are so small that you can fit it to your head quite loosely. You'll hardly even notice it's there once you settle in. When your seatback has minimal recline, it's likely that your head won't even come in contact with the support board. 

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The unique shape of SleepStik’s support board is the key to making this work. It automatically positions the head strap such that your head is at a slightly-pitched forward angle.

-The perfect angle!

-Every time you use it!

-For every user from as short as 5' - 0" to as tall as 6' - 6"!

Small force
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